Mt Lowe Military Academy
Altadena, California

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Mt. Lowe Military Academy Reunion,
June 18, 2011,

Up front sitting L to R, Marc McClure,
Fred Jackwak, David Curlander, and Doug Iversen.

Standing, L to R, John Lillibridge, Lionel Rolfe,
Chris, Cal Ward, Dave Tuck,
Keith Prettyman, Steve White, Steve Morris,
Daryl Sterling, Joe Meindorfner (hiding behind Sterling),
Gene Borgia, Pat Madea, Mike Erikson, David Doremus.

Missing in this picture, but were at the reunion,
but couldn't, or didn't make the after party:
Jack Hastings, Ron Deluco, Neil Ablitt,
Bill Ross, Robert Sturgis, Richard Young,
Carl Schumacher, Michelle Holman, Liz
(click image for larger version
courtesy of Chris Andrada)


To maintain the memory of Mt. Lowe Military Academy, its history and lore, by building a place where, thru comaraderie, former cadets and staff can share their experiences for the enrichment of all.

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Mt. Lowe Military Academy, operated by "Major" Dargin (Dargin, John Hayden, b. 1897, d. 1961, Hollywood Forever Cemetery), and later by "Captain" Gruber, and located on Palm Street in Altadena, California, has lasting memories for hundreds of former students. The school, closed long before Internet access became a reality, has been a target for much interest, nostalgia and questions by former students. This site will present all information and photos which can be located about Mt. Lowe, and we will also provide a web-based location for information, questions and answers to be shared.

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